The discovery of Biblical Artifacts astounds atheists providing proof of the accuracy of the Bible. Archaeological finds ranging from skeletal remains to long lost cities continue to prove the Bible. Biblical Artifacts such as Noah’s Ark, Ark of Bulrushes, Ark of the Covenant, King Ahaz’s Seal, Pool of Bethesda, Moabite Stone, Cyrus Cylinder, Arch of Titus, Caiaphas Ossuary, Shishak Relief, Lachish Relief, Gezer Calendar, Amulet Scrolls, Pilate Stone, Tower of Babel, LMLK Seal, Dead Sea Scrolls, Baruch Seal, Tel Dan Inscription and Hezekiah’s Tunnel provide archaeological proof that the Bible is true and authentic in every detail.

Noah's Ark
Tower of Babel
Ark of Bulrushes
Ark of Covenant Ahaz's Seal Hezekiah's Tunnel Pool of Bethesda Pilate's Stone
    baruch seal Dead Sea Scrolls LMLK Seal Tel Dan Inscription    

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Nikhil Patrick Lobo